Massage Therapy

Massage by Judy Kittinger

Advbanced Massage Therapy & Movement for CHRONIC & ACUTE PAIN RELIEF, prevention, self-care and relaxation.

Licensed Massage Therapist

MA0018520   MM18642

22 Years experience / Graduate of Reese Institute.

 I believe massage is not just an indulgence or luxury, it’s an investment in yourself. It is a
necessary component of wellness, prevention, and a highly effective long-lasting treatment for
chronic and acute pain relief. Massage is a prescription for urban survival.
There is not one perfect style or method of massage to address each individuals needs. Using
a fusion of different techniques and the information you will provide, together we will create a
treatment plan to meet your needs, whether it is to relax and unwind, develop a long term
rehabilitation treatment plan for chronic pain relief, or recover from an injury. 

Pain Relief:

Structural Energetic Therapy / Myofacial Release / Deep Tissue / Neuromuscular Therapy

Effectively Treat:


Carpel Tunnel


Frozen Shoulder

Low Back / Neck / Hip pain



Structural Imbalance / Postural Distortion / Adhesions / Scar tissue

Sprains Strains

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

And so much more !

Prevention / Wellness 


Lymphatic Detox


Empowering self care information and education.

Aromatherapy/Hot towels…aah! 

(Great gift idea, don’t have to worry about sizes, or dust it).

Please call or text to discuss your needs and I can explain further how I can help you. 

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